September 17, 2014

myMail Tip: Upgrading to iPhone 6

Upgrading to iPhone 6_CROPMany mobile users will be upgrading to an iPhone 6 very soon. Before you do, here are some tips to make the transition smooth for your apps and your email account.

1.      Back up your current iPhone
Whether you choose to do this via iCloud or iTunes to your Mac/PC, making a backup of your apps and data is always a good idea. Apple provides step-by-step directions here.

2.      Restore on new device
With your new device, restore using the same step-by-step directions that Apple provides here.

3.      If you have an email account, you know that security authentication is done via SMS and is tied to your mobile device. With a new mobile device, you will need to request a new SMS verification code. It’s simple. In myMail, tap on the + sign from the folder view. Tap on the logo. Enter your phone number (it should be the same number as your previous device) and email address , then tap on ‘Request Code’.

A new code will be sent to you. Enter your code and your account is restored. team

September 12, 2014

myMail updates for Android

Sep_myMailAndroidBy now the new update for myMail on Android has rolled out to most in Google Play. Be sure to check if there is an update waiting for you. Here are some of the new things we have added.

Feature requests:

  • Edit the name associated with an email account. In Settings, Accounts, Name & Avatar, you can edit first and last name. Perhaps your email account name is jdoe@ but you want your emails to show up as James Doe.
  • Change the avatar associated with your email account. In Settings, Accounts, choose Name & Avatar. Tap on the avatar and you will be prompted to choose an image from your device’s Gallery, to take a photo or choose a photo from another app.
  • Change the phone number associated with your email account. This is also found under Settings, Accounts. Tap on Phone Number.

Should you wish to delete your email account, you can do so in Settings, Accounts. Tap on Delete Account. This will permanently remove the mailbox. You can create a new mailbox at any time after you have deleted one.

As always, we love to hear your comments and concerns. Use the ! icon in the app to send a note to our support and development team or write to us at team

September 11, 2014

myMail How To: Delete, move or mark as read action for multiple messages

Performing the same action (delete, mark as read/unread or move to folder) on several messages at once in myMail is an easy way to quickly manage your Inbox. While this is not a new feature, it is one that we are asked often about.

For this myMail HoSelectAll_Finalw To, let’s say you have several messages that you wish to delete. From your Inbox, tap on the avatar of the desired message. You will notice three things:

1) the avatar now has a check mark overlay
2) the text at the top of the screen has changed from “Inbox” to “Select All” and “1 of XXX”
3) icons appear at the bottom of the screen (mark as read/unread, move to folder, delete etc.)

The screen capture illustrates the three changes when messages are ‘selected’.

Continue to tap on the avatars of other email messages you wish to delete. When you have made your selections, tap on the garbage can icon. The email messages will be deleted.

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July 15, 2014

An Open Email to Email

BlogGraphic_TextIn addition to getting feedback from myMail customers, we are always interested in how email impacts our daily lives. We asked 1000 internet users in the USA about their email habits.

In some areas, like a shift to mobile, we were not surprised. But in other areas we were amazed. We think you will be too.

In an Open Email to Email, we set our push-notifications on hold and gave pause to consider the insights from the survey.

Download the full-sized Infographic (PDF) (1.3k)

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July 10, 2014

Evolution: Now on Android

Evo_Image1Good news Android gamers! Evolution: Battle for Utopia is now available in Google Play.

Evolution: Battle for Utopia is a science fiction ARPG (Action Role-Playing Game) that combines an intriguing sci-fi storyline, intense action, and the best of RPG gameplay for a completely unique game experience.

Launched in April 2014 on iOS, Evolution: Battle for Utopia enjoyed “top game” status  in more than 125 countries and was featured as one of Apple’s “Best New Games” with a home page feature.

We are happy to bring this experience to Android fans. In this mobile game experience, you can explore and chart an expansive, interactive world competing with others around the world for in-game territory. Engage in battles, build and defend your military bases and gain additional resources by solving challenging puzzles and destroying electronic locks.

Learn more and download. team

July 8, 2014

myChat now on Windows Phone

iTunesArtwork@2xmyChat, free text, voice and video messaging, is now available for Windows Phone. Streaming chat, group chats and sharing of media, like photos and pre-recorded video messages are a breeze.

Voice and video calling are seamless no matter what platform your contacts are using – iOS, Android or Windows Phone.



Learn more. Download myChat today. Let us know how you use myChat in the comments below. Team

June 10, 2014

PC Game Enthusiasts: The Latest from at E3

Not at E3? No problem. E3, or Electronic Entertainment Expo, in Los Angeles, is where game developers show off the latest in their new and upcoming game titles. is there this week to show off brand new assets for our upcoming MMORPG titles: Armored Warfare, World of Speed and Skyforge.

First up, Skyforge.


This week, players will get a glimpse of Skyforge’s unique Ascension Atlas and three new character classes: the weapons-centric Gunner, the ruthless Beserker and the merciful Lightbinder. The Ascension Atlas is a unique system that lets players customize their character in billions of ways with adapted skills, talents and spells. This interface displays all the directions in which players can develop their characters.

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