November 5, 2014

Study: myMail Consumers are Uber Email Users on Mobile (U.S.)

In November 2013, we launched myMail in the US and later globally. Many have said that email is dead or dying and wondered why we would spend effort in this area. We have always believed that email is the perfect tool for communicating but had been around for a while without much innovation. It’s why we created myMail. We are not alone in this thinking for sure – and that is good for consumers as innovation in this area will continue to thrive.

Recently, we asked myMail users living in the U.S. about their thoughts on email, how they use myMail and their thoughts about future features. Here are some interesting figures about how often U.S. myMail consumers check email and use other mobile apps/functions.

Not surprisingly, email is the number one activity on the mobile phone for U.S. myMail users. You are power email users! A whopping 70% of you say you check email on your mobile device more than 2-3 times a day. Another 17% check email about 2-3 times daily.


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October 24, 2014

myMail – Now Supports Microsoft Exchange, iOS 8 updates

Some cool things have come to myMail in the latest update!

You  may have noticed something new on the myMail home screen: the Microsoft Exchange logo has been added. That’s right, myMail now supports Microsoft Exchange with Active Sync. When you tap on the Microsoft Exchange logo, the familiar screen appears asking for email address/password. myMail will attempt to connect automatically using typical connection settings. For many, this means you are done and can now access your Exchange email account.

If myMail is unable to connect automatically, you will see a new screen prompting you to enter connection settings. See the image below. Here you can enter your domain login (if required), the host domain server and if encryption is required (SSL).

For iOS 8 users, myMail supports the larger iPhone screen sizes and interactive notifications. myMail also supports attachments for other apps.





















October 17, 2014

Join Us in a Video Game Marathon For Charity




Update: The World of Speed time slot is 11:00 a.m. (Pacific), October 24. is excited to  participate in the Extra Life gaming marathon, October 24 & 25 – an annual event where the video game industry comes together in a 24-hour gaming marathon to raise money for children’s hospitals. Last year, the event raised over $4 million.

This is our first time participating in Extra Life, so we have joined forces with the Raptr’s Team to support efforts to raise funds for the Children’s Miracle Network. And, for the first time, the charity will support the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital of each streamer’s choice. Together with other AAA developers, as part of the Raptr team will be streaming live on Raptr Twitch channel between October 24-25. will be participating with our World of Speed game. We will be giving away beta keys during the stream so this is a great opportunity to get early access to our upcoming game. The specific time slot for World of Speed will be announced closer to the date. (Update: The World of Speed time slot is 11:00 a.m. Pacific, October 24.) For the full list of games and developers that are participating, visit the Raptr Fundraising page.

There are several ways you can participate:

1. Join the Raptr’s Team. Register for free today at Extra Life. Create a profile so your friends and family can donate during your gaming marathon. To sign up, just click “Join a Team” after choosing your registration level. Then Select “Raptr” from the drop-down menu and complete your registration. Continue reading

October 9, 2014

Iron Desert – Our Newest Mobile Game is Here

ID_Logo_ENGet ready to brave the desert! Today we released Iron Desert, our latest mobile game for iOS and Android.

This free cross-platform tactical combat game drops you in the midst of a brutal war to dominate the desert. You can work alone or with friends to defeat the ruthless invader, Iron Dragon and his underling, Commander Scar. Build up your military base, do battle with other players and blow their bases to smithereens. Or team up with friends to create your own clan to grind into dust all those who stand in your way.

The game offers an interesting story line where you can liberate captured territories and be handsomely rewarded. Rankings and tournaments provide opportunities to become the best commander. The game’s realistic graphics and soundtrack will have you quickly immersed into the hot desert issuing battle commands and turning the course of events to your favor.

Players from around the world can communicate through global and clan chats. This exciting social interaction helps players who enjoy talking strategy get closer than ever before.

Fans can also come together on the Iron Desert Facebook page. Iron Desert is localized in ten languages including English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Iron Desert for iOS:

Iron Desert for Android:
















October 2, 2014

Make it Personal – Your Avatar

Avatar_original_modMost modern communication tools, including myMail, use avatars – personal pictures, icons or artwork representations of ourselves. Sometimes avatars are used to reflect our mood and we often have different for personal and business digital tools.

When you view your myMail inbox, you’ll immediately see avatars representing the people or organizations who have sent you mail. myMail uses avatars from the sender’s Google or Microsoft accounts if they are connected to their email accounts. If the sender has no avatar, the first letter of their name is represented with a color background. myMail also uses icons for brands such as Twitter, Facebook or other popular brands. Additionally, if you have assigned an image for a contact in your mobile’s address book, myMail can display that.

How does the avatar representing you appear in the inbox of others? When you add your existing email accounts to myMail or create an account, an avatar is automatically added taken from your Google or Microsoft accounts. You can see this from the folder view, below.

sidebar folders

If you want to change the avatar associated with your email accounts or add an avatar, it’s easy to do. The instructions for myMail on Android are below. They are slightly different on iOS.

  1. From the folder view, tap on the gear icon (Settings)
  2. Scroll to Accounts and tap on Name & Avatar
  3. Each account is listed. Tap on the avatar for the account you wish to change.
    A menu appears with options to Choose Photo. You can choose to Take a Photo, Choose from Gallery or choose a photo from another app

Note that from the Name & Avatar screen, you can also change the first and last name on each account. team

September 29, 2014

Local Car Enthusiasts Check Out World of Speed

WoS_RacingDayDSC_0379_smallAbout 20 local car enthusiasts joined us in our Mountain View office for an afternoon of car racing competition with World of Speed. Fueled with pizza and beverages (non-alcoholic of course because they were driving) each team of four used a variety of skills such as multipliers, drifting and track shortcuts, to increase their team scores.

While racing, the team kept track of their achievements, total points and that of their competitors on-screen.  Joshua Morris, a game producer, reminded players “you can come in last place and still score a lot of points with modifiers and end up winning,” which actually happened a few times during the day.

“I just started playing and picked it up right away.”
“I could play this for hours.”
“I was surprised how easy it is to play.”
“I turned around and saw someone flying through the air”.
“That was me, I got air.”
“A game like this, you can just hop on it and play, it’s awesome.”
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September 17, 2014

myMail Tip: Upgrading to iPhone 6

Upgrading to iPhone 6_CROPMany mobile users will be upgrading to an iPhone 6 very soon. Before you do, here are some tips to make the transition smooth for your apps and your email account.

1.      Back up your current iPhone
Whether you choose to do this via iCloud or iTunes to your Mac/PC, making a backup of your apps and data is always a good idea. Apple provides step-by-step directions here.

2.      Restore on new device
With your new device, restore using the same step-by-step directions that Apple provides here.

3.      If you have an email account, you know that security authentication is done via SMS and is tied to your mobile device. With a new mobile device, you will need to request a new SMS verification code. It’s simple. In myMail, tap on the + sign from the folder view. Tap on the logo. Enter your phone number (it should be the same number as your previous device) and email address , then tap on ‘Request Code’.

A new code will be sent to you. Enter your code and your account is restored. team

September 12, 2014

myMail updates for Android

Sep_myMailAndroidBy now the new update for myMail on Android has rolled out to most in Google Play. Be sure to check if there is an update waiting for you. Here are some of the new things we have added.

Feature requests:

  • Edit the name associated with an email account. In Settings, Accounts, Name & Avatar, you can edit first and last name. Perhaps your email account name is jdoe@ but you want your emails to show up as James Doe.
  • Change the avatar associated with your email account. In Settings, Accounts, choose Name & Avatar. Tap on the avatar and you will be prompted to choose an image from your device’s Gallery, to take a photo or choose a photo from another app.
  • Change the phone number associated with your email account. This is also found under Settings, Accounts. Tap on Phone Number.

Should you wish to delete your email account, you can do so in Settings, Accounts. Tap on Delete Account. This will permanently remove the mailbox. You can create a new mailbox at any time after you have deleted one.

As always, we love to hear your comments and concerns. Use the ! icon in the app to send a note to our support and development team or write to us at team

September 11, 2014

myMail How To: Delete, move or mark as read action for multiple messages

Performing the same action (delete, mark as read/unread or move to folder) on several messages at once in myMail is an easy way to quickly manage your Inbox. While this is not a new feature, it is one that we are asked often about.

For this myMail HoSelectAll_Finalw To, let’s say you have several messages that you wish to delete. From your Inbox, tap on the avatar of the desired message. You will notice three things:

1) the avatar now has a check mark overlay
2) the text at the top of the screen has changed from “Inbox” to “Select All” and “1 of XXX”
3) icons appear at the bottom of the screen (mark as read/unread, move to folder, delete etc.)

The screen capture illustrates the three changes when messages are ‘selected’.

Continue to tap on the avatars of other email messages you wish to delete. When you have made your selections, tap on the garbage can icon. The email messages will be deleted.

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