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BlogGraphic_TextIn addition to getting feedback from myMail customers, we are always interested in how email impacts our daily lives. We asked 1000 internet users in the USA about their email habits.

In some areas, like a shift to mobile, we were not surprised. But in other areas we were amazed. We think you will be too.

In an Open Email to Email, we set our push-notifications on hold and gave pause to consider the insights from the survey.

Download the full-sized Infographic (PDF) (1.3k)

“We’ve had more than 20 years together,” the Open Email starts. “You’ve gone from being a repository of chain emails and correspondence with friends overseas to a major fixture in my daily life. There are some people that say you’re ‘dead,’ but I did some research, and odds are those people are just as crazy about you as I am.”

“I know I haven’t made it easy, with several accounts over the years,” said myMail to Email, when it was discovered that 66% of survey participants have had several accounts over the years.

One particularly juicy insight was how compulsive checking email had become. In fact, 90% of participants admit that checking email has become as knee-jerk to them as checking for Instagram likes after posting a photo. “I’ve lost sleep over you,” myMail sighed, when it learned that 27% of participants are enduring sleepless nights because of relentless inbox stalking. “I think about you constantly, from first thing in the morning (74%) to right before I go to bed,” (56%).


This junkie-like disposition to find the next fix extends also to public levels, like the movies and watching the game, and perhaps most disturbing of all, right after sex.


Email is a ferocious and dogged lover, inspiring 4 billion in-boxes as of 2013. According to the survey, we’re increasingly taking our love on the go: half of all emails are opened on a mobile device, and nearly a third of us check emails exclusively with our phones.


Our love affair with Email is here to stay, according to this graphic, and in the concluding words of myMail to Email, “You’re alive and kicking. Keep doing what you’re doing.”

If you recognize yourself in these stats and want to know how myMail features can help you manage your email accounts including a new email account, check out myMail.

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