Apple Introduces Swift – A Developer’s Take On It

swift-heroToday concludes Apple’s annual developer event, WWDC in San Francisco. Alexander Smirnov, who heads myMail’s iOS development, was there to hear what was new and how it impacts current and future projects.

We asked Alexander about Swift, Apple’s new programming language and what the new language means for myMail. How does a development team look at a new language and make a decision to adopt. Will you have to completely rewrite myMail?

Alexander_SmirnovAlexander: Apple has put a lot of effort into making Objective-C and Swift totally compatible. There is no need to completely rewrite the application in Swift – both languages can be used at the same time.  I think we will  try to use Swift to develop some parts of new functionality we have planned. What is interesting in Swift for myMail? Or for a developer in general?

Alexander: From a product point of view, Swift does not offer any new possibilities. Everything can also be written in Objective-C. However, Swift is quite interesting from a developer’s point of view. Most of the approaches used [in Swift] allow code to be written more securely and reliably – and much more concisely.

Objective-C is a great language and Apple has already done a lot to make life better for iOS/MacOSX developers including  “automatic property synthesis”, “blocks”, GCD, and ARC. However, there are still some areas that feel a bit awkward: sometimes boilerplate code must be written, sometimes certain approaches must be avoided because they won’t end well. Evidently, many of these issues were taken into account when Swift was designed – and it’s awesome. It’s really won us over.

There you have it. It seems that the biggest outcome from this new programming language is excitement within our iOS teams about using it and they can do so without missing a beat as they work on new features. team

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