Artisto App for Video Processing: When Your Videos Turn Into Paintings That Come to Life

We have developed the first mobile app in the world that uses neural network algorithms to process short videos in the style of paintings of famous artists and any source images. Artisto is available in the App Store and Google Play in all countries. For free, of course.

What is that?

If you have always dreamed to shoot movies, but “it never worked out,” check out Artisto, because dreams should come true! Artisto works with 10-second videos that you can either make right in the app or download from your device. A stunning masterpiece can be created literally in a few taps: shoot the video with the first tap, apply a filter with the second one (21 filters are available now, more on the way). As an option, with a third tap you can share the created masterpiece on social media.

Sounds good. But what does it look like?

It looks awesome! But seriously, you don’t have to take our word for it. Сheck it out yourself. A number of brands and celebrities have shared the videos edited by Artisto on social networks.

Andrei Kirilenko, a Russian-American basketball player:

KIA Motors:

Stephen Ridley, British pianist and singer:

Zveri, a Russian pop band:

Gazgolder, a Russian production center:

Where does all that magic come from?

Artisto processes videos using neural networks technologies. Neural networks are one of the popular areas in artificial intelligence system development. They represent a mathematical model that simulates the human nervous system’s performance. One of the main areas of their application today is image recognition. So, Artisto identifies certain objects in the video (buildings, faces, items) and their parts; after that, the algorithm that imitates the artist’s style or any graphic style is applied to the image.

Despite the fact that processing each image requires serious computations, the whole procedure takes just a few seconds. You simply send a video to the app, download the finished result, and enjoy. What can be easier?
Download Artisto in the App Store and Google Play. Share your videos on social media with the hashtag #artisto. Experiment and be inspired!