Artisto: How Neural Networks Help Creating Video Masterpieces

Contemporary art on a smartphone

Smartphones are used to capture everyday moments and emotions, almost no preparations need to be done compared to the professional shots. Although the result might turn out disappointing – while wishing for a movie-like shot, you get “like always” one.

With a smartphone, you don’t really have an option to increase the resolution or other video parameters. Fortunately, scientists found a way around this problem. Artisto “remakes” your video: the plot and characters stay the same, but the atmosphere changes completely.

As a result, you get a sort of cartoon with new emotions, moods and styles. If done manually, this work would have taken months. All Artisto needs is a few seconds.

With dozens of styles and filters available, users create not just videos, but an artwork. In the US, the most shared are the videos made with Fedro, Gazgolder and In The Fire effects.

We’ve all seen thousands of Prisma-processed photos on social media. These are contemporary art masterpieces made on the fringe of creativity and artificial intelligence. Artisto offers even more by keeping dynamics and providing beautiful and smooth video which never ceases to amaze.

On the utility side: sometimes you might not have any makeup on, or something unwanted falls into frame. Artisto disguises it all by turning those objects into seamless elements of the overall design, making people and scenery even more beautiful.

7 facts about Artisto

  1. What is Artisto? A mobile application that processes photos and videos in various artistic styles.
  2. How does Artisto work? The app uses neural networks and deep machine learning technologies.
  3. How many styles are available? Artisto offers 22 artistic styles for photos, and 24 for videos
  4. Which types of videos can be processed? Any clip up to 10 seconds long with or without sound. You can make videos from the application using your primary or front camera, or select an existing video or photo for processing.
  5. What happens to the video after editing? You can share your clip on social media or save it in the cloud.
  6. Who can use the app? Artisto is available for users of iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. You can download Artisto for free from App Store and Google Play in any country.
  7.     Why should I get Artisto? Download the app now to create your own video masterpieces! Proven by thousands of fans!

A word about neural networks

Neural networks are a programmed system which artificial intelligence is based on. The way a human brain works provides a foundation for developing artificial neural networks: neurons become nodes, while connections among them determine the given algorithms and formulas. Over time, the network starts to learn, gaining and using experience with each cycle. Neural networks have an ability to solve extensive computation problems within a minimal time, and, thanks to their ability to learn, they have an advantage to do this better each time.

Deep learning algorithms have proven an ability to overpass humans in a way and generate their own successful options where human experience and intuition are important. Artisto demonstrates how neural networks and technologies can be used in creative art. Anyone can add its own bright and recognizable style to their photo or video. This trend will lead to discovering other useful tasks that can be solved with neural networks and applications.

Neural networks today are mainly used for image recognition. Artisto and other image-processing apps highlight specific objects (buildings, people, items, etc.) as well as their parts. This is possible due to deep learning where a neural network simulates high-level abstractions using designs consisting of a variety of non-linear transformations. Generally speaking, the network not only recognizes circles and lines, but also answers questions such as “Is this part of an image a face?”, “What are its constituent parts?” and so on.

Then an algorithm simulating the signature artistic style is applied. In brief, algorithms are a large dataset used by neural networks for learning. They “understand” the style of an artist, learn it and apply it to new images.

Easy breezy

Artisto has a simple to use interface – no clutter! Lower panel offers all handy buttons to record a video, to take a photo or a loop. You can also select a camera (main or front), and turn on the flashlight if needed.

Once the shot is ready, choose one from 24 filters for videos and 22 for photos. Your clip or photo will be immediately uploaded to the server and processed. The process is fully confidential and secure: we delete original and processed clips from the server, so no one can access them with a bad intent. Then you can share the artwork on social media or save it to any cloud service.

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How neural network processing differs from smartphone filters

Typical smartphone filters do not utilize artificial intelligence. They simply give an image a splash of color, alter brightness or contrast settings, or change colour saturation. Technically, each image point is a set of numbers. When a filter is applied, new values for the set are calculated by a formula, and it doesn’t matter what values the neighbouring point has.

Neural networks consider an image as an integral entity where the whole objects are processed instead of individual points. That makes the stylization deeper and much more interesting.

Video processing often adds a challenge of lagging movements. Artisto uses the previous shot to process the following one. As a result, overall processing time is drastically reduced.

It’s hard to believe, but it took a team of deep learning specialists at only a few weeks to develop Artisto. Download the application for free from App Store and Google Play, share your shots on social media with #artisto hashtag, experiment and get inspired!

This article originally appeared on Hi-Tech Mail.Ru.