Make it Personal – Your Avatar

Most modern communication tools, including myMail, use avatars – personal pictures, icons or artwork representations of ourselves. Sometimes avatars are used to reflect our mood and we often have different for personal and business digital tools.

When you view your myMail inbox, you’ll immediately see avatars representing the people or organizations who have sent you mail. myMail uses avatars from the sender’s Google or Microsoft accounts if they are connected to their email accounts. If the sender has no avatar, the first letter of their name is represented with a color background. myMail also uses icons for brands such as Twitter, Facebook or other popular brands. Additionally, if you have assigned an image for a contact in your mobile’s address book, myMail can display that.

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Local Car Enthusiasts Check Out World of Speed

About 20 local car enthusiasts joined us in our Mountain View office for an afternoon of car racing competition with World of Speed. Fueled with pizza and beverages (non-alcoholic of course because they were driving) each team of four used a variety of skills such as multipliers, drifting and track shortcuts, to increase their team scores.

While racing, the team kept track of their achievements, total points and that of their competitors on-screen.  Joshua Morris, a game producer, reminded players “you can come in last place and still score a lot of points with modifiers and end up winning,” which actually happened a few times during the day.

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myMail Tip: Upgrading to iPhone 6

Many mobile users will be upgrading to an iPhone 6 very soon. Before you do, here are some tips to make the transition smooth for your apps and your email account.

1. Back up your current iPhone
Whether you choose to do this via iCloud or iTunes to your Mac/PC, making a backup of your apps and data is always a good idea. Apple provides step-by-step directions here.

2. Restore on new device
With your new device, restore using the same step-by-step directions that Apple provides here.

3. If you have an email account, you know that security authentication is done via SMS and is tied to your mobile device. With a new mobile device, you will need to request a new SMS verification code. It’s simple. In myMail, tap on the + sign from the folder view. Tap on the logo. Enter your phone number (it should be the same number as your previous device) and email address , then tap on ‘Request Code’.

A new code will be sent to you. Enter your code and your account is restored. team

myMail How To: Delete, move or mark as read action for multiple messages

Performing the same action (delete, mark as read/unread or move to folder) on several messages at once in myMail is an easy way to quickly manage your Inbox. While this is not a new feature, it is one that we are asked often about.

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An Open Email to Email

BlogGraphic_TextIn addition to getting feedback from myMail customers, we are always interested in how email impacts our daily lives. We asked 1000 internet users in the USA about their email habits.

In some areas, like a shift to mobile, we were not surprised. But in other areas we were amazed. We think you will be too.

In an Open Email to Email, we set our push-notifications on hold and gave pause to consider the insights from the survey.

Download the full-sized Infographic (PDF) (1.3k)

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Evolution: Now on Android

Good news Android gamers! Evolution: Battle for Utopia is now available in Google Play.

Evolution: Battle for Utopia is a science fiction ARPG (Action Role-Playing Game) that combines an intriguing sci-fi storyline, intense action, and the best of RPG gameplay for a completely unique game experience.

Launched in April 2014 on iOS, Evolution: Battle for Utopia enjoyed “top game” status  in more than 125 countries and was featured as one of Apple’s “Best New Games” with a home page feature.

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myChat now on Windows Phone

iTunesArtwork@2xmyChat, free text, voice and video messaging, is now available for Windows Phone. Streaming chat, group chats and sharing of media, like photos and pre-recorded video messages are a breeze.

Voice and video calling are seamless no matter what platform your contacts are using – iOS, Android or Windows Phone.



Learn more. Download myChat today. Let us know how you use myChat in the comments below. Team