Evolution: Battle for Utopia – Now on iOS

Interstellar flight has brought forth humanity’s conquest of the universe.  New, alien technologies helped create both paradise and fear.

This is the stage we have set at the announcement of Evolution: Battle for Utopia at Game Developers Conference. Today we will take you into the game-play action of this science fiction ARPG (Action Role-Playing Game) for iOS – and we say hello to Fido.

In Evolution:Battle for Utopia, players step into the boots of top human operatives on a mission to explore, chart, and uncover the dark secrets of a mysterious paradise gone silent – the planet Utopia.

Watch the trailer here:  Continue reading Evolution: Battle for Utopia – Now on iOS

Armored Warfare – Military Combat Action for the PC

In previous posts we’ve mentioned PC games that we announced at Games Developer Conference: Skyforge and World of Speed. Today, we look at Armored Warfare, a massively multi-player, online tactical military video game developed by Obsidian Entertainment and to be published by My.com as a free-to-compete experience for PCs in 2014. Continue reading Armored Warfare – Military Combat Action for the PC

Skyforge – We Take a Closer Look

If walking the hero’s path – from newborn immortal, to mighty champion, to becoming a God capable of standing toe-to-toe with other major Gods – interest you, then take a look at Skyforge.

The upcoming MMORPG is a fresh, free-to-play online gaming experience that transports players to a universe at war in an epic tale of Gods engaged in celestial combat.

Announced last week at Game Developers Conference, here we take a closer look at the game-play that awaits you in Skyforge. Continue reading Skyforge – We Take a Closer Look

Cars, Racing and Much More – World of Speed

Recently we announced My.com will publish World of Speed in 2014 as an online action-racing video game on the PC.

In World of Speed, players can hop into the driver seat of their favorite cars and race across real world circuits and tracks carved from the streets of real world cities. As an online experience, players can create and join in-game Clubs, compete against other players and teams in a variety of diverse gameplay modes, interact and show off in the Airfield social hub and dominate the world in Territory Wars.

Check out the trailer. Continue reading Cars, Racing and Much More – World of Speed

Early Looks at PC Games & New Mobile Game

It’s an exciting day at My.com!

Today we announced that our games portfolio is expanding into the PC video game realm with three new PC game announcements. At Game Developers Conference 2014 in San Francisco, we showed for the first time, our massively multiplayer online (MMO) games that will provide entertainment and social experiences across multiple game genres and platforms. They include Armored Warfare, Skyforge and World of Speed.

We continue releasing exciting mobile games too; we also announced Evolution, our new, real-time role-playing game for iOS devices.

The expansion of myGames into the PC game world is an important milestone in the vision of building a communication and entertainment platform. Our work in the PC game world leverages the extensive experience of our parent company, Mail.ru Group, who has created over 30 online games to date.

Here’s a quick summary of each of these newly announced games. Continue reading Early Looks at PC Games & New Mobile Game