Swipe Tips for myMail and myChat

We’ve spent a lot of time experimenting to make the touch screen interface as easy as possible in myMail and myChat. Here are a few simple and convenient tips you might not know about.



<< Tip #1
Tap on an avatar to select a message; use this feature to select several messages at once. Useful for deleting or moving several emails.

Tip #2>>
Move your finger from right to left on a message to open the quick action menu. Move from left to right to close the menu.


<<Tip #3myMail_ReturnListmyMail_Inbox_SwipeRight
Move your finger from left to right on the list of messages to see folders, email accounts and settings.

Tip #4>>
Move your finger from left to right while reading a message to return to list of messages. iPhone version only.




<<Tip #5myChat_HideTime
In the dialog screen, you can hide the time of message and its delivery status just by touching it. To show it again, touch it once more. iPhone version only.




<<Tip #6myChat_SwipeLeft_Close
It is easy to invite your friends to myChat. In your contact list, those who do not use myChat yet have an icon with a plus sign. Touch it and an SMS invitation will be sent to your contact absolutely free.

Tip #7>>
Move your finger from right to left to close the dialog and delete it from the list.

Let us know your favorite tip.

My.com team