Artisto: How Neural Networks Help Creating Video Masterpieces

Contemporary art on a smartphone

Smartphones are used to capture everyday moments and emotions, almost no preparations need to be done compared to the professional shots. Although the result might turn out disappointing – while wishing for a movie-like shot, you get “like always” one.

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Millennial History of Map Features

Maps were created through the efforts of countless people through six thousand years. Cartography preceded writing. Methods of mapping the land and sea surface evolved together with the human civilization, from the first cave paintings to digital online and offline maps with ethnographic, economic, and social data.

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Local Car Enthusiasts Check Out World of Speed

About 20 local car enthusiasts joined us in our Mountain View office for an afternoon of car racing competition with World of Speed. Fueled with pizza and beverages (non-alcoholic of course because they were driving) each team of four used a variety of skills such as multipliers, drifting and track shortcuts, to increase their team scores.

While racing, the team kept track of their achievements, total points and that of their competitors on-screen.  Joshua Morris, a game producer, reminded players “you can come in last place and still score a lot of points with modifiers and end up winning,” which actually happened a few times during the day.

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New in myChat 2.0

Today we have finished myChat 2.0 beta version with great new features!

What’s New:
+ Fastest time of app start and minimized the size of the app.
+ Chat Wallpapers (Settings > Wallpapers).
+ Last Seen information instead of boring offline status.
+ Share documents, books and other files using “Open with..”tool in your cloud apps like Dropbox, Google Drive etc.
+ Offline mode and ready for non-stable or slow Internet connection.
+ More user-friendly Invite Friends window.
+ Portuguese and Czech localizations.

Absolutely New!
Free messages to your phone contacts even if they are not on myChat! myChat will send your message as an SMS absolutely for free!


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