Computer Games Players Overview by presents the analysis of foreign market player profiles. The analysis is based on a study carried out in July 2015, using an online poll of 1947 gamers aged 13-44 from France (480 respondents), Germany (458 respondents), Britain (492 respondents) and the USA (517 respondents).

Player profiles

Computer games in Europe and the USA are open to all ages. The study picked up several regional differences linked to younger gamers.

One in four respondents were between 13 and 17 in Germany and the USA, while only one in five plays in France and Britain.

France had the greatest share of players aged 21-25 (22%). Britain has a large number of gamers aged 26-30 (20%).


The study showed that computer games are popular amongst both genders. In Britain women play just as much as men. In Germany and France, there were slightly fewer female gamers than male (47% and 45%, respectively), in the USA, there were more female gamers (52%).


Favourite genres

Gamer preferences are not usually limited to just one game genre. The poll showed that Action/Adventure and Shooter genres were considerably more popular in all the countries. Over half of those polled had played these genres in the last 3 years

Shooter, Sports simulator and Racing games were played considerably more in Britain. Racing and Sports simulator games were least popular in France.

Fighting was preferred in the USA and played the least in Germany, where some very violent games, such as Mortal Combat, are banned.


Apart from identifying what genres gamers were playing, we asked what genre they liked the most. The top two spots for most popular genre (compared to the genres played in the last 3 years) swapped positions. The favorite genre is Shooter and Action/Adventure moved to second place. Racing games also dropped.

The favorite genre in the USA is Shooter, while Britain prefers Action, and Germany and France love RPG as well as the aforementioned.

How players feel about paying in games

We wanted to find out how players felt about paying in games.

The USA had the largest share of players who had paid in computer games – 53%. Less than half those polled in the other countries had paid. France and Germany had the lowest share of gamers that had paid in games (40% and 38%, respectively).


The study showed that most payments were made to unlock additional content. Gamers paid the least for visual customization of the game process. Players in the USA showed the most willingness to pay for all types of upgrades – including premium subscription.


The largest number of gamers who had not paid in games was in France – 51% of them did not want to pay for anything, including access to a game. The USA and Britain had the largest number of players who did not object to paying for extras. Almost one in three British and German players were only willing to pay for access to a game.


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    • Billy Seamon

      EXACTLY! I was PERMABANNED from the forums for posting several posts critical of their decision to remove indirect fire from Armored Warfare! They called it “Trolling”. I called it using logic and reason. I said they (the old developers) were catering to a SPECIFIC section of the playerbase ( the Player vs Player) group. The VAST majority of the playerbase, is made up of the PvE (Player vs Environment) group. most of us, (I’m in the PvE group,) are just fine with indirect fire for arty. The PvP group, however, hates it with a passion! I have also noticed some of the recent events seem MORE geared towards PvP players, than PvE players. even though PvE makes up most of the playerbase. I jumped ship from WoT to get AWAY from PvP! in Pvp, you had ONLY 2 goals, Capture the flag, OR Wipe out the other team! THAT’S IT! NOTHING ELSE! and the chat environment was so toxic, you needed a hazmat suit to go in the chatroom! AND they limited the size if your iggy bin! I LOVE Armored Warfare by comparison! There’s NO CHEATS! NO XVM! They DON’T worship the almighty WIN RATE! there’s SO many MORE differences THIS GAME is FAR SUPERIOR TO WHIRLED OF SKANKS! MODERN TANKS! for one. I LOVE THIS SHIT! I’ve been gaming since the mid 70’s. this is the BEST online tank game I have seen! YOU GUYS ROCK! the Customer Disservice People need to be lined up against a wall and every 10th person drawn and quartered……. but hey…. an incentive program needs a LITTLE motivation to improve customer service…….

  • Sarumonin

    I hope you guys make more blogs! :D

  • Shady Mamdouh

    Hi . I love your game juggernaut wars and i have great ideas for the game to make it better , how i can share with you ?

  • Shady Mamdouh

    Hi . I love your game juggernaut wars and i have great ideas for the game to make it better , how i can share with you ?

  • adriana

    poderiam liberar a pagina tbm em portugues.
    tenho uma reclamação sobre o jogo, mas nao sei como fazer.
    depois da ultima atualização meu computadar que logo o jogo pelo face não esta sincronizando com o celular, isso esta acarretando muitos problemas, pois os membros do cla nao esão no mesmo chat, os trofeus, recursos, etc, tudo esta diferente.
    e agora qual esta certo?