Email’s Rocky Relationship with Love

Channeling our inner Sherlock Holmes and Sigmund Freud, we conducted a national survey on Americans’ email habits in their dating lives. Turns out they are snooping, hacking, cheating and breaking up – all over email! Many Americans are using email to spy on partners, sniff out infidelity and sever relationships. Love in the digital era is a cyber-battlefield, as our survey numbers prove:




But tomorrow being the day of hearts and flowers, we’re turning our thoughts to the softer side of email and dating – the side Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks found in classic rom-com, “You’ve Got Mail”:

“You’ve got Mail” (Best scenes)

In the spirit of Cupid’s arrow striking in your inbox: Have you ever received an email love letter? Was it over email that you first said “I love you” to a significant other? Have you snooped in your partner’s email inbox and found links for engagement rings – you naughty one, you!

Tell us your experience with email and relationships in the comments below and we’ll publish the best ones on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram channels. Be sure to follow us to discover how romantic our users are!

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