Five Tips for Your Email Account

Now that you have a myMail email address, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your account.

Tip #1 – Create folders
Your account comes with standard folders: Inbox, Sent, Drafts, Spam and Trash. However, you can create additional folders for storing read email and for filtering incoming email directly to folders (you’ll see why this is a good thing in tip #3).


Settings > Folders > Choose Account
Choose your account. Select the + sign and give your folder a name. Select OK. Your folder now appears in the list of folders. At any time you can edit the folder name or delete the folder. Deleting a folder will delete all messages in that folder so you will be prompted to confirm the deletion.




Tip #2 – Create filters
Filters will automatically move incoming emails from your Inbox into pre-defined Folders. This is a great way to keep only important email in your inbox and read other, less important emails such as newsletters, at a convenient time.


Settings > Filters > Choose Accounts
Choose your account and tap on the + sign.

You will be prompted to enter the sender’s email address.  Type in the email address or tap on the + sign to bring up your contact list. When you are done, tap on the Move To (choose folder) to indicate where you want the emails stored. Note, you must create the folder (tip #1 above) before creating the filter.

You can also opt to mark the message as read and apply it to any email already in your inbox.

Tip #3 – Use Notifications – Save your battery
Users who take advantage of filters and notifications typically save on battery life. Why? By filtering email, you’ll only receive notifications for important email and not every email that comes into your inbox. While notifications use a small amount of battery power, over time it can add up.

Settings > Notifications
Choose Receive notifications to set up the time of day you want to receive notifications.

Choose Filters > Folders to receive notifications for certain folders. Even if you use filters to send incoming email directly to folders, there are some folders you may wish to still get notified about. gives you the option to get them.

Choose Filters > Social Networks to choose which social networks you wish to get notifications from. Perhaps when on vacation you truly want to get away from it all – or perhaps some are more important to you than others.

Tip #4 – Change your outgoing name

Settings > Accounts > Name & Avatar
Edit your first and last name so your outgoing email is received with your name instead of your email address. In this area, you can also choose an avatar by either taking a photo, choosing an existing photo from your phone’s image gallery or choose a photo from another app.







Tip #5 – Choose which email account to send email from
No matter which email account you are currently in, when you want to create a new email, you can easily choose which account to send it from. Select the ‘new email’ icon and a blank email message will appear. From the drop down menu, choose which account you wish to send from. The signature file will automatically change in the email window.









Bonus: Tip #6 – Deleting multiple messages
Want to delete more than one email message from your inbox? Instead of swiping and deleting each one individually, a simple tap will do the trick.

Tap on the avatar of the message you want to delete. A check mark appears. Tap on other messages until tap marks appear on all the desired messages. Then tap on the garbage can icon at the bottom.


Note: As soon as you tap on one message to mark it for deletion, you’ll notice that a ‘select all’ option appears at the top. Tap on this if you want to delete all your messages. Be careful on this, especially if you have disabled the ‘prompt before deleting’ option in settings.




What are your favorite tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments below. team

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  • Julia Moore

    hi, when I delete an unwanted email is there an option for me to be asked if I am sure first?

  • Thomas Kramer

    Hello, great email app, everything works fine but how can I delete old contacts stored on your server ? If I choose the mail recipients many accounrs are offered which are not longer in use. How can I get rid of them ?

  • Rudra Kashyap

    Hello, I like very much. Recently I have changed my phone (handset) as well as mobile number as I have moved into a different city. I am not being able to log in to my mail as the app keeps sending the login code to my old number which has been discontinued. How do I access my email? Please help. Thanks.

  • Борис

    Hello, thanks for the great mail service. How can I set up to work with your account via other email programs?

    • MyKatie

      If you don’t see the logo of the email account service (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo etc.) then choose other. You can find a step-by-step guide here: Choose ‘How do I connect an email account from a different provider to myMail?’.

      To get to that screen again once you are already in the app, choose the + symbol from the folder list screen as shown in the step-by-step. Thanks.

  • Sergio

    Right now they can’t delete email accounts..! :-(

  • Sergio

    Right now they can’t delete email accounts..! :-(

  • Sahin

    How can I delete my email account?