Giveaway: Vote on These Old School Email Addresses

Last week we announced a giveaway of branded swag items — messenger bags and t-shirts — for the funniest email address. This week we’ll use this page to post the entries and to hear your votes.

You can use the comments below to ‘vote’ by indicating which email address you think is the funniest. Choose the letter or just type out the email name. The voting will continue to the end of the month.

It’s not too late to get your own entry in. Read the details on how to enter.  Then invite all your friends to come to this page to vote.

And now on to the entries and the stories behind them.

A. ibkooler59@ – because I was ‘kooler’.

B. blackbolitho@ – because I was going out in the sun a lot as a youngster.

C. emmabug43@ – I picked it because I thought I was maybe too much of a tomboy at that point in time and wanted to come across as cute and girly… not quite sure why I thought being compared to an insect was cute!

D. AkitoTheCook@ – cause it was the name of a Japanese anime character I made up on The name is cringey enough, but the website for the character may be even worse…Here’s one sentence of the description I wrote: “He had been fighting valiantly to hold back an invasion of Jovian Lizards…and the next thing he can recall, he’s on Earth and eventually trying to make a living as a cook.”  I was such a weenie.

E. SpiltMilk99@ – because I thought it was edgy.

F. smartysam101@ – I’ve always been tech-challenged, and was the last person in my class to set up an email account. Finally my friend just got fed up and made one for me. I ended up using it for years because I didn’t want to change or set up a new one!

G. laffytaffytaffy@ – Because I liked that song or thought it was fun?

H. sayhalo@ – because I thought it was a clever way of saying hello. It made no sense.

I. angle4u32@ – But I meant it to be “angel.” I was 11 or 12 when i made it and my Dad made me delete it because he thought it was inappropriate.

J. luvlife291@ – Based on my last name (Life)… but why did I have to spell ‘love’ with a u? Ugh.

K. sweetheart9185@ – Pretty sure I first signed up for AIM around Valentine’s Day. This actually wasn’t too terrible of a screen name, but it became pretty embarrassing by the time I was a freshman in college (back then, Facebook didn’t exist until my sophomore year, so AIM was still a big deal).

L. backwardzgem13@ – AIM handle for about 5 years. #whyamiadmittingthis

M. sweatybabe89@ – One night in college after a bit of whiskey, my friend and I decided to log into her old AIM to see if anyone was online. She said she was always really proud of her screen name and she couldn’t believe she nabbed it before anyone else. When she typed it in, it was “sweatybabe89″… she thought for all those adolescent years that it was actually “sweetie babe.” Rude awakening.

N. soccergurl327@ – something like that. I was never very good at soccer.

O. cHiQuiTaLaLa@ – which I toned down from the even more stripper-y chiquitaloliltablueiyedprincess.

P. blueiyedprincess@ – This is mortifying,. I’m going to go jump off a cliff now.

Q. curiousjorge24@ – pronounced “hor-hey”

R. snowball@ and xmas10@ – but mine are nothing compared to my husband’s, which was dafiregod@

S. cooldog9700@ and MagsDawg@ – #owningit

T. CrAzyAnGel208@ – … yeah.

U. jumpstartmymonkey@ – Back when Yahoo! games like Yahoo! Graffiti and Pool were popular, I made an email address called jumpstartmymonkey@. I was very young at the time (12 or 13) so it was incredibly funny to me. There was also a flash game called “Spank the Monkey” (not what it sounds like!) that gave me the idea. I did indeed understand the innuendo.

V. koylovemommy@ – I wanted a myspace account but my siblings wouldn’t create one for me. I cried the whole afternoon: “I REALLY WANT A MYSPACE ACCOUNT” I WANT IT I WANT IT.  Mom heard my rage and bought an Ice Cream to keep me calm. Later I noticed that MYSPACE is up on my screen with my picture. I hug my mom and didn’t bother to check how my email address was created. My friends laugh at me but I don’t care.

W. slaber@  – Middle school eight grade, i was sitting in the lunch area during yearbook signing and the word came out of nowhere (slaber) and next thing i know i am signing it in everyone’s book, it actually caused a stir.

X. Dragonassno.1@ – 2 days ago i watched The Hobits 2 and there was a dragon in the story; i decided to make an email address which contain dragon in it. This address came to mind after reading a thread on WOS forum. I searched for ‘dragonass’ but it was taken so i changed address to this and i was like ‘you can keep any random dragon ass but i will take no. 1 dragon ass  :D

Y. namnambulu013@ – NamNamBulu is a band and 013 is phone number for my city. It’s funny because when someone asks for my email, they can’t write it if i don’t spell it letter by letter. And that’s not all, I can bet 99% of people haven’t heard about that band and they get confused when I say this is the best band ever in the genre they play.

Maybe its not funny when its writen down like this but when i see people reaction its quite a funny thing.

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