Iron Desert – Our Newest Mobile Game is Here

Get ready to brave the desert! Today we released Iron Desert, our latest mobile game for iOS and Android.

This free cross-platform tactical combat game drops you in the midst of a brutal war to dominate the desert. You can work alone or with friends to defeat the ruthless invader, Iron Dragon and his underling, Commander Scar. Build up your military base, do battle with other players and blow their bases to smithereens. Or team up with friends to create your own clan to grind into dust all those who stand in your way.

The game offers an interesting story line where you can liberate captured territories and be handsomely rewarded. Rankings and tournaments provide opportunities to become the best commander. The game’s realistic graphics and soundtrack will have you quickly immersed into the hot desert issuing battle commands and turning the course of events to your favor.

Players from around the world can communicate through global and clan chats. This exciting social interaction helps players who enjoy talking strategy get closer than ever before.

Fans can also come together on the Iron Desert Facebook page. Iron Desert is localized in ten languages including English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Iron Desert for iOS:

Iron Desert for Android:
















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  • Lil beast

    You have totally ruined the game with this last update. Cannot save resources, 4 builders sitting idle. Every time I break shield to battle I am attacked non stop. It is crazy, their are only 3 active players left in my clan. They have all started a new game called invasion. Really want you to reverse the fact peo
    ple can attack you non stop. It really saddens me because we have been here since the beginning, used to be a great team, great game now I would not recommend it to anyone, Very sad general

  • омар

    Купил планшет и теперь не могу войти на свою игру! 118 база была, помогите

  • mazlum sönmez

    We want the Kurdish flag✌✌

  • Владимир

    После обновления игра не работает ,пишет , что нет соединения с интернетом. И поодержка не работает , пишет ошибка страницы

  • Amanda Brown

    Can’t get game to connect to server for the past hour???

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