Local Car Enthusiasts Check Out World of Speed

About 20 local car enthusiasts joined us in our Mountain View office for an afternoon of car racing competition with World of Speed. Fueled with pizza and beverages (non-alcoholic of course because they were driving) each team of four used a variety of skills such as multipliers, drifting and track shortcuts, to increase their team scores.

While racing, the team kept track of their achievements, total points and that of their competitors on-screen.  Joshua Morris, a My.com game producer, reminded players “you can come in last place and still score a lot of points with modifiers and end up winning,” which actually happened a few times during the day.

“I just started playing and picked it up right away.”
“I could play this for hours.”
“I was surprised how easy it is to play.”
“I turned around and saw someone flying through the air”.
“That was me, I got air.”
“A game like this, you can just hop on it and play, it’s awesome.”
“Where’s the blue team? Ha! Way in the back.”

WoSRacingDay_DSC0372_small WoS_RacingDayDSC_0361_small WoS_RacingDayDSC_418_small

Hearing the reaction and watching players who race real cars is not only fun but gives us valuable feedback. Even when not playing, others crowded around cheering and jeering their friends.

Thanks guys for playing!

Check out the official World of Speed site, sign up for beta access and participate in the forums.

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Ksenia Chabanenko

Ksenia Chabanenko

BizDev & Communicator at My.com

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  • Justin Xu

    Already signed up for the beta. Can’t wait to play this again thanks

  • ray robinson

    Awesome! thanks for the opportunity to test out your game.. it was a blast.