myMail Updates for iOS

A new iOS version for myMail has been released. Below we describe the main, new features.

    • AirPrint Support
    • Change Phone Number for Account
    • Change or Delete a Account
    • Passbook Support

AirPrint Support
If you need to print an attachment from within myMail, you can easily do so using Apple’s AirPrint. Note, AirPrint requires that your mobile device be on the same network as your printer.

myMail_Print_crop Account – Changed Phone Number
With your unique email address, you may need a way to associate your email account with a different phone number. To securely address this need (to be sure it is really you requesting this change), you will be required to type in an SMS code to make the change from a former mobile number to your new mobile number.

myMail_ChangeNumber Account – Change or Delete Email Account
Some users wish to change the email address chosen for their account and create a new one or delete the account altogether. Again to securely address this (to make sure it is really you requesting to delete an account), you will be required to type in an SMS code to verify the request to delete an account.

Once you have deleted your account, you can create a new one.


Passbook Support
With support for Apple’s Passbook, myMail users who receive a Pass via email, can tap on it to automatically add the Pass to their Passbook.

Additional Updates
Save video attachments to the device Gallery.
Significantly improved the speed at which the app launches and operates.

myMail for Android users: We are working on similar features for the Android platform and will update you on when they are available. team

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    How do I delete an account so I can set up a different email address?