Our Design Journey Pays Off

We love good design whether in a mobile app’s user experience, a website or corporate branding.  So we were thrilled to receive recognition from prestigious design experts who comb the web looking for examples of cutting-edge work. Below are some of the sites that have bestowed recognition to the myMail mobile app, the myMail website or the My.com brand.

Awwwards – The design experts at Awwwards gave the mymail.my.com website a special mention badge for high marks in design, creativity, usability and content.

One Page Love – Recognized the myMail website for “gorgeous icons and slick load transitions”.

Nice One! I Like! – The folks at Nice One! I Like! let us know that the myMail website earned recognition for website inspiration in mobile and Parallax.

Behance – My.com blog readers will remember that we shared our design story on Behance. Now, the experts at Behance have chosen our work for the myMail mobile app, and the My.com brand to be featured on their curated sites: AppDesign Served, Branding Served, Web Design Served, (Adobe) Insipiration Is as well as the overall Behance site.

Thank you for recognizing the hard work of user experience, web and mobile app designers and developers.

It is a great opportunity for us to thank our teams too. Best wishes on your continued journey in creating great design. Thank you!

My.com team

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Ksenia Chabanenko

Ksenia Chabanenko

BizDev & Communicator at My.com