Win Apple Accessories with a Contest

Apple’s Developer Conference, WWDC, is happening next week and we’ll be there.

To celebrate, we’re giving away 2 Casetify prizes daily, while WWDC is taking place. For the chance to win:
1. Download the myMail app on your iPhone or Apple Watch
2. Share a photo of yourself using the app on Twitter or Facebook, adding the #myMail and #WWDC tags
3. Like and Follow on Facebook and Twitter

We’ll have random drawings every day. We’ll be sharing some of our favorite images on Twitter and Facebook too – so keep an eye out there!

For more details, check out the rules.

Let us know if you’re attending, we’d love to meet up!

Study: finds Millenials are Constantly Plugged in (U.S.)

Youngsters stand at the front end of today’s uber-connected world. Studies or chatting, shopping or dating, entertainment or work – everything happens on the go. We at fully support living mobile and give our users the coolest solutions: MAPS.ME to save time, myGames to have some fun and myMail to get the things done.

But does mobile actually change digital behaviour of the new generation? surveyed over a thousand users in the U.S. about their mobile habits – how much time do they spend using mobile internet, which platforms and apps prefer and what gadgets they carry. The findings are quite curious – “millenials” (users aged 13-24) are much more wired than older folks, but share the same risks and concerns about online behaviour. Continue reading Study: finds Millenials are Constantly Plugged in (U.S.)

Top 5 World’s Unusual Places to Propose

St Valentine’s Day is the second best day (according to Chillisauce) to propose to the most important person of your life. It’s rather obvious – romance is very much in the air on the Day of Love. Choosing a place to propose is probably as much important as choosing a wedding ring. Paris, Venice, Juliet’s House in Verona and numerous islands are the most popular travel destinations to ask the most important question of your life. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to say “Will you marry me?” in some kind of ordinary place, here is Top 5 world’s unusual places to propose which you can find with the help of MAPS.ME.

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Email’s Rocky Relationship with Love

Channeling our inner Sherlock Holmes and Sigmund Freud, we conducted a national survey on Americans’ email habits in their dating lives. Turns out they are snooping, hacking, cheating and breaking up – all over email! Many Americans are using email to spy on partners, sniff out infidelity and sever relationships. Love in the digital era is a cyber-battlefield, as our survey numbers prove: Continue reading Email’s Rocky Relationship with Love

Study: myMail Consumers are Uber Email Users on Mobile (U.S.)

In November 2013, we launched myMail in the US and later globally. Many have said that email is dead or dying and wondered why we would spend effort in this area. We have always believed that email is the perfect tool for communicating but had been around for a while without much innovation. It’s why we created myMail. We are not alone in this thinking for sure – and that is good for consumers as innovation in this area will continue to thrive.

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myMail – Now Supports Microsoft Exchange, iOS 8 updates

Some cool things have come to myMail in the latest update!

You  may have noticed something new on the myMail home screen: the Microsoft Exchange logo has been added. That’s right, myMail now supports Microsoft Exchange with Active Sync. When you tap on the Microsoft Exchange logo, the familiar screen appears asking for email address/password. myMail will attempt to connect automatically using typical connection settings. For many, this means you are done and can now access your Exchange email account.

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Join Us in a Video Game Marathon For Charity

Update: The World of Speed time slot is 11:00 a.m. (Pacific), October 24. is excited to  participate in the Extra Life gaming marathon, October 24 & 25 – an annual event where the video game industry comes together in a 24-hour gaming marathon to raise money for children’s hospitals. Last year, the event raised over $4 million.

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Iron Desert – Our Newest Mobile Game is Here

Get ready to brave the desert! Today we released Iron Desert, our latest mobile game for iOS and Android.

This free cross-platform tactical combat game drops you in the midst of a brutal war to dominate the desert. You can work alone or with friends to defeat the ruthless invader, Iron Dragon and his underling, Commander Scar. Build up your military base, do battle with other players and blow their bases to smithereens. Or team up with friends to create your own clan to grind into dust all those who stand in your way.

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Make it Personal – Your Avatar

Most modern communication tools, including myMail, use avatars – personal pictures, icons or artwork representations of ourselves. Sometimes avatars are used to reflect our mood and we often have different for personal and business digital tools.

When you view your myMail inbox, you’ll immediately see avatars representing the people or organizations who have sent you mail. myMail uses avatars from the sender’s Google or Microsoft accounts if they are connected to their email accounts. If the sender has no avatar, the first letter of their name is represented with a color background. myMail also uses icons for brands such as Twitter, Facebook or other popular brands. Additionally, if you have assigned an image for a contact in your mobile’s address book, myMail can display that.

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Local Car Enthusiasts Check Out World of Speed

About 20 local car enthusiasts joined us in our Mountain View office for an afternoon of car racing competition with World of Speed. Fueled with pizza and beverages (non-alcoholic of course because they were driving) each team of four used a variety of skills such as multipliers, drifting and track shortcuts, to increase their team scores.

While racing, the team kept track of their achievements, total points and that of their competitors on-screen.  Joshua Morris, a game producer, reminded players “you can come in last place and still score a lot of points with modifiers and end up winning,” which actually happened a few times during the day.

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