Russian Online Mobile Game Developers Earned Over 10 Billion Rubles in 2015

Our experts estimated Russian online games market. In 2015, its volume totaled 51.9 billion rubles (+2% compared to the previous year). The number make it perfectly clear where the growth lies: mobile games segment has increased by 20%.

Most online gamers still prefer MMO games. For the third year in a row, the share of MMO remains roughly the same (55-56%). MMO games market in 2015 amounted to 29 billion rubles; it is 4% higher than in 2014.

Mobile games continue eating into the social games market share: they now amount to one fifth of the market (in 2014, it was 17%), and social games make up less than a quarter, 24%, while a year ago their share reached 27%. In monetary terms, the mobile games segment rose by 20% in 2015, reaching 10.6 billion rubles.

See the infographic below for more details.


  • Norman J Holman

    They stole more then 10 Billon Rubles is how this article should read. they steal money everyday from the games they make. Anything to get ahold of money, they sale goods on games and then don’t deliver and when you put in tickets they give you the run around and close your tickets they then ban you from using the ticket system all together,

    • Mike

      Your comment is so ridiculous! What do you mean by “THIS COMPANY”? I know a lot of companies with bad support regardless of their location or brainwashed staff like you.

      • Norman J Holman

        Well can’t argue with the uneducated ( you) they believe everything they are told.

        • Mike

          Sorry, didn’t want to hurt you. Your comment just looks unfair and not related to this article. There is nothing to believe or not, I am happy if any company can earn money with apps. I wish to have the same success one day ))

      • Norman J Holman

        Brain washed sounds more like you.

    • what do you mean?