Simple Hacks for Using myMail More Efficiently

myMail is the preferred email app of millions of users due to its simple design and user-friendly qualities. In fact, it became the leading email account management app for both iOS and Android within only a few months of its official launch, and the app still continues to garner new users even today.

But although myMail is already easy to use, you can still improve your user experience and efficiency in using the app. By taking advantage of some simple tips and hacks, email browsing can get faster and smoother than ever.

Use gestures

Familiarising yourself in using gestures will increase your efficiency while utilising the app. Some people may take some time to get used to these gestures, but once you’ve mastered them, you’ll be able to navigate through the different fields and functions in less time, which is extremely helpful for hectic professionals and other individuals.

For instance, swipe from the left edge of the screen to open the MyMail panel. Additionally, after reading an email, swipe from right to left to see options such as Move, Flag, Delete, Mark as Unread or Spam. Learning these tricks reduces the number of steps you’ll take when doing certain processes, which in turn translates to efficiency.

Customise your sounds

In myMail, you can set your own sounds through the notification settings. This is an excellent function for browsing through your accounts in different email providers. Say for instance your work mail is through Gmail, while your personal mail goes through Yahoo Mail. You can set a specific sound for your Gmail account so you’d know immediately that it’s about work. This will be useful if you don’t have a lot of time to sift through all your email accounts.

Set filters and create folders

You may also set filters to organise your email messages better such as ‘by size’ or ‘by sender’ for example. In doing so, you can easily delete groups of messages or transfer them into folders. Speaking of which, you can also create folders within the app for different content types. These folders will come in handy, especially during moments when you need to quickly access a specific document or set of files.

Enable push notifications

Mobile gadgets are becoming powerful each year. Smartphones with 6GB of RAM have now successfully entered the market like the Zenfone 3 Deluxe which also sports a Snapdragon 821 chipset. Tech resource O2 also describes the iPhone 7 as twice as powerful as its predecessor.

Given that handheld devices improve exponentially, they can now manage several tasks in shorter amounts of time. As such, you can just leave your email app in the background and let messages come in through push notifications.

Unlike other email apps, MyMail developed a special technology to allow them to appear almost instantaneously as soon as the network detects an incoming message.

Plus, you can customise notifications as well. For instance, you can choose not to be notified when the message is from a specific sender or when it’s within set hours of the day.

To top it all off, considering that you have your emails in a single app, you can view any message from any account by syncing only once. Combine moments such as these and you’ll notice your efficiency rate increase.

myMail is a simple app, but there are still ways that allow you to use it to its fullest. By following some tips and hacks, maximising the app will lead to more efficiency and convenience in browsing your email messages which in turn will allow you to spend your saved time on other matters.

Written by TechJBReviews

  • Pedro Ferreira


  • Ana Merka

    Hi. Is this app paid or free?

  • Norman J Holman

    Company is all lies, All they do is steal money from customers, their products are stolen from other companies repackaged and sold as theirs.
    Don’t buy a thing from this company, they are in and from Russia so they are not governed by your country’s bylaws.
    They will steal your info and resale it to everybody they can for the all mighty dollar.
    So they are nothing more then a mass marketing scam company.

  • Jessica Waher

    There isn’t by any chance an update coming that has the possibility to switch to dark theme in the mymail app, is there?