Study: myMail Consumers are Uber Email Users on Mobile (U.S.)

In November 2013, we launched myMail in the US and later globally. Many have said that email is dead or dying and wondered why we would spend effort in this area. We have always believed that email is the perfect tool for communicating but had been around for a while without much innovation. It’s why we created myMail. We are not alone in this thinking for sure – and that is good for consumers as innovation in this area will continue to thrive.

Recently, we asked myMail users living in the U.S. about their thoughts on email, how they use myMail and their thoughts about future features. Here are some interesting figures about how often U.S. myMail consumers check email and use other mobile apps/functions.

Not surprisingly, email is the number one activity on the mobile phone for U.S. myMail users. You are power email users! A whopping 70% of you say you check email on your mobile device more than 2-3 times a day. Another 17% check email about 2-3 times daily.


Not only is email checked often by the majority of myMail users, but email is the number one activity done on the mobile device.



Here’s another way to look at how myMail consumers in the U.S. are using their mobile phones.


We suspect that high email usage would be true elsewhere in the world for people who have decided they need an alternative email client like myMail for their mobile lifestyle.

Rock on myMail users, rock on! team

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