Thank you, Moms!

On the eve of the Mother’s Day, and Mail.Ru Group invited its developers to talk about how their moms influenced who they are now and give them a chance to say “thank you”. None of the participants knew that their moms, who had arrived from different towns and cities, were watching the filming.

Developers are not the most open and talkative people. We didn’t expect that they would talk so openly and touchingly about their moms in front of the camera. Your mom may not know all the minute details of your work. She may not know much about computers. But she loves you, is happy for your success and is proud of you. We decided that Mother’s Day is an excellent occasion to say “thank you” to your mom for making you the person you are today.

“#Thankyoumom is a unique project. A project that touches your heart. I saw it in the bright and happy eyes of the people and in the reverent attitude of all members of the film crew,” said Aleksandr Belov, stage director of the project. “I believe all things that happen are meant to happen. Even the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can influence events. So, if we managed to awaken emotions and feelings in the audience, to draw a tear, to give them a feeling of catharsis, then we did everything right. Because all that we do, we do for people.”

 The video is available on the social networking service Facebook.